Attention Dippers

I read some very exciting news the other day in the newspaper, a new brand of dip is hitting the market. Philip Morris is coming out with a Marlboro smokeless tobacco product. This has only been released in Texas and Atlanta which may indicate the largest tobacco chewing areas in the United States. Needless to say I am anxiously waiting for this Marlboro tin to make its way to the Northeast.

Currently, there are two flavors out, original and wintergreen (my personal favorites) which come in long and fine cut. The current selling price is about $3 per tin but this may vary by state. In CT Skoal tins sell for around $5 and I expect the Marlboro tin to be around the same price, especially since it is premium cut tobacco. I consider premium tobacco to be a moist, long-lasting, flavorful sweetness, which leaves your gums intact with your teeth. Although Skoal is my go-to tin, I like to venture out and try other brands and flavors in order to mix it up.

If anyone has tried this new product, Diamond Hoggers would love to hear your feedback, so please leave us your comments.