Craig Biggio gets to 3000 hits

Not anymore

Tonight Craig Biggio became the 27th member of the 3000 hit club in Major League Baseball. Biggio’s joining of this exclusive benchmark fraternity in baseball ensures him a spot in Cooperstown at the Hall of Fame.

Personally I don’t know how I feel about this. He’s killed the Reds for a long time. I’ve heard stories about Biggio being quite the dick. He sure looks like a dick. He plays for the team I probably lament most in baseball.

I’ve also heard stories about him being a great guy. My fiance was his waitress several times at the country club that Biggio belongs to. She said he called her by her first name and was always polite. That’s probably because she’s hot as hell. He also went through that whole ‘let me wear a pin for the cancer kids‘ bit in which MLB ended up with egg on their face.

My personal relationship to Biggio goes like this: Me and editor George were in Spring Lake on night last memorial day and we stopped by a liquor store down the street from my in-laws house to load up on cough syrup. We’re walking up to the door of this closed store and there’s a chalk board outside hanging on the wall. “The March to 3000. 2936 2937 2938″ it read in chalk. We end up begging our way in and it turns out that the owner of the place who allowed us some fun that night is Biggio’s brother in law. I think I’d already had a few pops that night and I can’t remember much but I know I asked way too many questions. He was a nice enough guy. Ever since then, every time Biggio got a hit and I had the pleasure of seeing it, I thought of that booze store in New Jersey.

So Craig, congrats from Diamond Hoggers on your magical run and in chasing down a piece of baseball immortality. Not sure it’s going to last much longer but at least you outlived that butt-face Jeff Bagwell.

3000th hit box score