Sammy Sosa hits 600th homerun

Sammy Sosa became the 5th member of baseball all-time to have 600 career homeruns, and he did it in front of the fans in Texas, at the ballpark in Arlington. 1998-2001 for Sosa was one of the most dominating runs a player could ever have over a 4 year span. Without a doubt there is some foul play and some aid in those numbers he achieved during those years. At the same time, you have to give Sosa credit because at any rate, his body help up with enough longevity for him to reach the figure.

For me, watching Sosa and the Cubs in 1999 made me a Cub fan. It seemed that Sammy homered every game that magical summer. It’s hard to believe that he’s still around, and still slammin’, as he makes baseball history last night.

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