Perlozzo out as O's manager

Sam Perlozzo, you’ve just been served; with your walking papers that is.

The Baltimore Orioles made the decision to fire Sam
Perlozzo as their manager today, and we’ve got a nice excerpt from
Oriole Post:

Roch Kubatko, Matt Palmer and the scribes are working hard to let us know what is going on, however, it sounds like it is going to be a hard job.

When the scribes are left out of the ballpark, you have to figure there is a lot more that’s going on than meets the eye.

Working in corporate America, a lack of information by those in charge, is never a good thing.

There may be a lot going on in the works and the powers-that-be with the Orioles will let us know when they want the public and media to know.

Again, like I stated before, I think canning of Perlozzo was in the works for a few days, and also the placement of MacPhail as COO.

Perlozzo, nicely complected as he may be, leaves the Orioles after compiling a .427 winning percentage. In parts of 3 seasons he led the organization to a 122-164 record over 286 ballgames. I suppose that at the beginning of the season, when we thought the heads of Mike Hargrove and Ozzie Guillen might fall, it was Perlozzo who should have entered our mind. He’s got a ballclub that just isn’t very good, and in the end it lead to his demise as manager.