Watching this team is about as much fun as staring at onions

This might be the worst Cincinnati Reds team ever. They’re just fucking bad. I mean terrible. Last night they really found/invented a new way to really fuck things up and lose. I got a text message this morning stating the obvious from good old Cincinnati Native and baseball fan Uncle Frank (keep in mind he likes the Tribe and hates the Reds). The text message was making fun of the fact that indeed the Reds should have been swept by the Nationals; and then allow an 8 run 10th inning to the Pittsburgh Pirates. All of this has happened at home.

The Reds are now on pace to lose well over 100 ballgames. The thing that I don’t understand is why they are so fucking bad. They’re just like the master of under-achievers. I can’t tell you enough how much talent this lineup really has in it. In that ballpark they should be able to have some thunder up and down that lineup and hit a lot of homeruns.

Instead this team sits around and waits only for the homerun; failing to manufacture any kind of run production other than the long ball. While they’re sitting around waiting for the 3-run homer that doesn’t usually come, they fill innings with erroneous play in the field, baserunning mistakes, mental errors, tons of strikeouts at the plate, and just overall display a very low baseball-IQ as a big league club.

Jerry Narron is our boy no doubt. We love the guy, as a guy. If anyone out there is gonna gank double Grey-Gooses from us; we’d want it to be him and only him. The bottom line is he is vastly underperforming as a manager and more-so as a motivator. He actually did get tossed the other night, which was refreshing. His lineups that he throws up are laughable. Brandon Phillips is not a clean-up hitter. Adam Dunn shouldn’t ever be hitting 6th in the lineup, even if he is in a valley and not a peak. You’re gonna have Alex Gonzalez or Edwin Encarnacion protect Dunn? Jeff Conine as a 5th hitter? He’s done, he hasn’t hit all season. Griffey has been nice, but I’d like to see him as the cleanup hitter and don’t worry about flip-flopping the righties and lefties up and down the lineup.

So what would you do to fix the Reds? Why in God’s name; other than the reasons I have stated; are they so awful? I wouldn’t trade Adam Dunn for more than a few reasons. I’d get what I could for the veterans whose value will never be higher: Griffey, Hatteberg, Weathers, maybe even Ryan Freel. Play the youngsters and see what you’ve got going into next season. Hell, call it rebuilding and blow this thing up–as long as there is a plan.

This current state of Reds baseball is a new all-time low. They’re fucking terrible.