Miguel Tejada's consecutive games streak in jeopardy?

Miguel Tejada has played in 1,152 consecutive regular-season games, the longest active streak in baseball. That streak might come to an end on this evening or some evening soon; one would think a fractured (but non-displaced left wrist) would do that to you.

If the streak wasn’t important, and Tejada cared more about his well being than the streak, it would have already ended. However, it would seem that Tejada is maybe trying to put together the second most impressive streak in baseball history other than the one Cal Ripken amassed–another Baltimore player that played on the left side of the diamond his entire career. Ripken played in 2,632 straight games, making Tejada a over a half season short of consecutive games played to even be halfway to Ripken’s mark.

From the Oriole Post:

Well, last night Miguel Tejada got drilled in the wrist thanks to a Doug
Brocail pitch and was take to the hospital for a check-up. He was perhaps
hurting today, but decided to play.

Since, Miguel Tejada’s has the longest consecutive games streak in baseball
right now, he felt he needed to protect it (although in the past he’s not made a
big deal out of it). It’s a big deal to him.

It’s still alive as Miggy felt well enough to play. Except he only got one
at bat, and the team slugger bunted!After he attempted to bunt (?) and got on,
he was removed for a pinch-runner not more than a second he got on to keep his
streak alive.

Here are words of wisdom from Mr. Trembley: “We all know the importance of
what’s going on in baseball, and Miggy and the streak,” said interim manager
Dave Trembley. “I asked him last night before I left, and he asked me, ‘Don’t
you do anything until you talk to me.’ He’s earned that, and I told him, ‘You’ve
already seen the lineup. I’ve already posted it for tomorrow.’

Well, Mr. Trembley, thanks for completely bastardizing the game.To be quite
honest, Miguel should HAVE PLAYED ALL NINE INNINGS, not just an at bat.

You have to admire Tejada on one hand, but then again, is he really even doing what is best for the team at this point? He’s making $13 million + this season, all those Ben Franklins for a .306 average, a pedestrian 7 homeruns and 41 RBI. At least he is playing every day. Still, Miguel Tejada is not the Miguel Tejada that the Orioles bargained for when they bought his superhuman talent. At age 31, if he plays another 10 seasons and plays every single game until that point, Tejada will add some 1,700+ more games to his streak. That would have him edging out Ripken by some 200 games. Can he do it? We doubt it, but admire him for even thinking he can.

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