Throwing it around

It’s a big, big day in the sports world. Saturdays are so great. They’re even better when the Indians have beaten the Tigers 5 games in a row, Lebron is playing for a trip to the NBA Finals tonight, and the Cincinnati Reds take care of business. Here’s some good linkage that you must check out before you get your night started:

  • Alex Rodriguez is seriously getting fucked with by Boston Red Sox fans. I give them props for this idea. (Deadspin)
  • This is simply the greatest link known to man. Roger Clemens. Dipping. That’s all we gotta say. (Deadspin)
  • Detailing the magic that was at Jacob’s Field last night. (The DiaTribe)
  • A nice breakdown of last night’s ballgame in Cleveland. (The Tribe Source)
  • You need a nice, brief read to catch you up on fantasy baseball news? Look no further. (The Jaunt)
  • Learn more about ‘Pee Your Pants for the Brewers’ campaign. (We are the Postmen)
  • The 1924 World Series Game 7 is broken down for you here. (Coffeyville Whirlwind)