Throwing it around

Tuesdays, oh tuesdays. They seem to just drag. At least there is baseball on tonight; and at least the Cavaliers are in the NBA Finals; and at least Josh Hamilton is no longer sick to his tummy. There’s a lot to be happy about, including these quality links:

  • Fun with Wikipedia MLB Leaderboards; Dan Haren. A strong effort. (A Price Above Bip Roberts)
  • #38, on his latest outing against the New York Yankees. He’s not too happy about it. (38 Pitches)
  • Is Phillies GM Pat Gillick interested in buying the Mariners, the team he used to be GM of? (Beer Leaguer)
  • The wit and prose of Gary Sheffield, oh my. (Oriole Post)
  • An interview with Canda’s top junior pitcher, Phillip Aumonte. (Baseball Analysts)
  • What happened to Raul Ibanez? (Hardball Times)