Oakland decided to "make fuck" to the Royals face

It’s only in the top of the 8th, so things could still go a bit more south for the Royals, but thus far today, the Oakland A’s are owning things in Kansas City. It’s 16-3, and everyone is joining in on the fun. Kansas City has used 4 pitchers, 3 of them have allowed 4 earned runs, and another has given up 2. I’m not gonna bother naming them, because by years end none of them will be Major League Players anymore. They’ll be cum rags.

Much to my delight, Eric Chavez of Legendary Hillbillys III fame hit a homerun and drove in 4. Dan Johnson hit 2 homeruns and collected 4 hits. Some scrub named Putnam? also homered. For Christ sake, the A’s got two homeruns from a guy named Jack Cust. Jack Cust? Do you know how brutal that is? His name “Cust” almost sounds like saying “Cum-stain”, or at least an abbrevation for it.

Jack Cust. You gotta be fucking kidding me Buddy Bell.