Throwing it around

Happy Hump Day; Hoggers. Here’s some baseball potpourri from around the internet that is sure to be appeasing to you:

  • Curt Schilling sounds off on his opinion of Barry Bonds’ tainted numbers of at Deadspin.
  • The author of Diamond Thoughts gets philosophical, talking about Oliver Perez, how the Yankees got screwed by umpire Jerry Davis, and how baseball is like a woman. The one difference we see is that baseball doesn’t complain about you laying on the couch.
  • Our friends over at the TribeSource have the game 30 edition of Baseballs & Goofballs on the game that I watched last night. How sweet it’d be for the Tribe to win 100.
  • looks at the odds of catching a foul ball at a game. I’ve caught 2, one was a batting practice home run. I beat the odds.
  • Coffeyville Whirlwind recaps the biggest comeback in Minnesota Twins history; ironically in 2000 against the Cleveland Indians.
  • The Baseball Analysts theorize how to develop durable pitching the old-fashioned way.
  • The BigLead recaps the night in baseball, including Barry Bonds’ 745th dinger. 10 more and he’s reached Henry Aaron.
  • We are the Postmen catches candid shots of Julian Tavarez massaging Manny Ramirez’s head of hair. Man, these guys are close.