Throwing it around

Thursday nights are like friday nights somewhat in my neck of the woods. Afterall, you’ve only got one more day till the weekend, and anyone can tough it out through one more day (even with a hangover. There’s no baseball tonight, so it looks like I might be heading to the Kickstand Pub at some point, either with an entourage or alone. Afterall, there’s no baseball on to watch, and the Reds won today. Reason to celebrate! Here’s where you can catch up on your baseball reading, since you won’t be watching it:

  • Adam Dunn almost hit for the cycle today, missing it by a single. C. Trent Rosecrans was there to liveblog the action.
  • The Smittblog has put together baseball’s All-Mediocre team. This is too good to miss.
  • SportsGoneSouth has some details from last night’s Maddux-Smoltz showdown.
  • Deadspin reminds us why we love George Steinbrenner; because he’s more American than all of us combined.
  • Baseball Church shows evidence that the Reds have a long way to climb to get back into the mix in the NL Central, and it is Edwin Encarnacion’s fault, and that brutal bullpen.
  • BrewCrewBall thinks the Reds sending down Edwin was the Reds way of waiving the white flag. Hey! Brewers fans! This just in: there’s 4 1/2 months of baseball until the playoffs. You haven’t won shit yet. Just because your stink team is hot right now, well–we’ll see you in the basement soon. We’ll leave it at that. But it’s a great story.
  • Halos Heaven looks at the Anaheim Angels performance after 20% of the season is over.
  • TheBigLead recaps last night in Major League Baseball