Throwing it around

Tuesdays suck ass, but it helps make them a little better when you get to watch both of your teams you pull for play ball; Reds (7:05), Indians (10:05). Should make for a nice day. Here’s a little-bitta-baseball from aroun’ dis’ net’ heya:

  • On the Show wants you to Fear Delmon Young.
  • Deadspin tells us that the Milwaukee Brewers are furthering their movement to become the toast of the National league, offering fans free rectal exams. The ‘Spin also recaps last night’s action in the Daily Closer. Man we wish Rivera would have hung onto that lead last night.
  • Lots of grumblings in Reds blogland about Todd Coffey knowing the way to Louisville. Redleg Nation provides the map, while Baseball Church is willing to just buy him the ticket. That’s right Todd, get your shit together-minor leaguers travel by Greyhound, pal.
  • Don’t go after Vernon Wells and expect him to be quiet about it, Homerun Derby tells us that he fights back.
  • Are the Brewers (the talk of baseball-we’re tired of it) Brewing up a playoff appearance? NASN-europe’s finest North American sports blog ponders the question.
  • Have you heard that MLB is going to televise the Draft for the first time? Lion in Oil tells us why only umemployed men (+ Diamond Hoggers) will watch.
  • 6-4-2 blog was happy about Brad Penny’s 14 K outing last night. I still can’t believe his ERA is 1.42 as we speak.
  • Travis Hafner grand-slammed the Orioles yesterday, here’s the recap so we don’t have to do it.