Our latest Bonds rant

The total stands at an astounding 744 career homeruns for Barry Bonds. He’s now 11 away from tying the legendary Hank Aaron, and just 12 away from being the new homerun king in all of baseball. The question now is not if but when Bonds will indeed earn his new title. I’ve realized that I have to accept it, but I won’t do so without slamming him and slandering his ass every chance I get, like a child being sent to his room kicking and screaming, hold onto mom’s legs and fighting till the very end just not to be sent to the room.

Plans for a Barry Bonds record breaking homerun figure have now been laid out, and the figure will be producted by Todd Mcfarlane Toys. Although the figure will be limited in supply; probably be worth as many as any that have been produced in the line; and looks sweet as hell, I won’t be buying one.

As much as I want this exclusive and think it would add greatly to my baseball memoribilia collection, I won’t be even letting myself consider the idea of owning one. This is just a small measure by me, taking a stand in a meaningless protest that will not be noticed by anyone in baseball, at Mcfarlane toys, or the likes. It’s smaller then my meaningless protest not to buy gas on May 15th. However, in some small and meaningless way, I feel that I’m doing the right thing here. This guy doesn’t deserve shit; let alone to be glorified by holding the single season and all-time homerun records in the greatest sport in the world.

It saddens me to realize that in America’s greatest sport, this guy is honestly going to own the two sexiest records a man can, and I have my doubts as to if anyone can ever give hope of topping either of them now that all the big boys are seemingly scared to death of steroids. I have to say, I wouldn’t mind someone cheating in the short term just to knock this prick out of the record books for hitting 73 in 2002. I hope A-Rod, or someone else can play long enough to take him out after he preceds Aaron for the all-time HR mark.

Sadly, things are going well for Bonds. On friday night he hit his 10th homerun of the year, tying him for the National league lead with Chipper Jones. I can’t believe he’s doing it again, but it looks like clean or dirty, he’s going to have a fine season if he can just stay off the disabled list. He’s still got it, and anyone who thinks he doesn’t or wants to believe like me that he doesn’t have it anymore is kidding themselves. This guy can still hit a fastball a long way and has enough plate discipline and experience to make adjustments and be a great player, probably for another 5 seasons if he wants.

The only glorifying that Bonds will get on this blog in breaking the all-time record is me talking about what a prick he really is. It’s unreal that this turd is having good things happen to him, but just another testament to the fact that nice guys do indeed finish last, and great things happen to bad, or in this case, very very bad people every day.

Break a leg Barry!