The coverage continues

Today I’m heading to Great American Ballpark, pictured above in all it’s glory on the most picture perfect night of the year thus far. The Reds take on the Colorado Rockies in a series where something has to give. One of these teams, whoever wins the 3 game weekend series, is going to be feeling just awful about their team, with the other still having a bit of hope going forward.

I’ll see if I can’t nab some good pictures of Rockie’s skipper Clint Hurdle, or maybe the shortstop they’ve fallen out of love with as an organization, Clint Barmes. I’ll tell them that they have the same first name as me and then watch as they don’t know what to say.

I’ll tell Todd Helton that he needs to start hitting for power, at least in Coors field, but that I appreciate the average and RBI’s he’s been supplying my fantasy team with thus far in the season. Just mix in a few dingers, Toddy.

I’ll continue my quest to get a picture with Josh Hamilton, and maybe attempt to get my fiance to get a signed baseball by him, in which she will be forced to hand over to me, for my own personal enjoyment.

I’ll ask Dunner how he found his groove (he’s still striking out a ton), and he’ll ignore me like he didn’t even hear me, because that is what he does now. He’s gotten too Hollywood on us to acknowledge peons and peasants. I’ll tell him I appreciate him stealing bases this season like he’s a fucking mongoose, and to go for 30+. I’ll tell him congrats on being a father, but probably not really.

All luxuries provided to me from watching the game from a different perspective now. As a member of the media, to provide coverage for you fine folks at home. We look at baseball coverage in a different way than say a, Peter Gammons or a Jayson Stark would–while keeping the same biases and allegiances to our favorite teams and players. We’re cool. We’re hip. Diamond Hoggers is the place to be. Stick around, you just might learn something new about baseball journalism done the frat boy way.