Rockies 6, Reds 5 (11 innings)

What a great night for a ballgame. The weather held out and it didn’t rain as it was supposed to. Of course we lost the game, and I took this loss exceptionally hard, but I did get to see extra innings for only the 3rd time in my entire life.

We want you to vote for Josh Hamilton folks. Write him in. Also vote for Dunn and Brandon Phillips, cause they’re the shit. My fiance and I spent considerable time debating who’s going to make the All-Star game as starters. She seemed to think that Kenny Lofton and Hideki Matsui had a shot. I told her she’s crazy.

I said before the game I wanted Todd Helton to start hitting for more power. He hit a 2-run homerun in the first inning. This is not what I meant, I wanted him to start hitting for more power after this series. Good game again Todd.

My favorite player only had one hit, lining a piss rope off the pitcher in his first at bat and scoring a run. Still it’s just awesome to watch this guy play.

Sad news was found out about Josh Hancock last night. More on this later, but it shows you that big league and pro athletes at as a whole are just like you and I. The Reds had a couple minute tribute on the main scoreboard before the game, honoring Josh and detailing his time as a Red. Also, a moment of silence was observed.

Adam Dunn actually warmed up before the game in front of the Reds dugout. I haven’t seen him really do this since his 2nd year in the majors. He usually stays in the clubhouse right up until game time.

Bucky Dent served as interim manager for the Reds last night, and it didn’t go well. Personally he left Matt Belisle in the game an inning too long. Oh well. Get back soon Jerry Narron.