Natives are becoming restless in Philly

I had a strange dream today that Bam Margera’s uncle Don Vito was managing the Philadelphia Phillies. For being a fucked up dream, it really wasn’t that far off base. He looks much like his major league counterpart, Charlie Manuel, could probably do just as suitable a job, and to add to that, they talk just alike.

After the San Francisco Giants win tonight, the Phillies will be the worst team in the National league. They’re really scuffling out there. With all the talent we were led to believe this team had coming into the season, and with expectations high, Don Vito Manuel probably isn’t long for this world.

I know we’ve had plenty of YouTube lately, we promise this is the last one for a while. I simply can’t let you all miss out on this. One thing I remember from Charlie M’s days in Cleveland, is he is simply the WORST interview in all of baseball. I bet he has a terrible time just ordering his fucking meal at McDonalds. He’s going to have a tough time talking his way out of his troubles this season. Enjoy, and please notice use of the ‘word’ — ‘Flusterated’ when Manuel is talking about Pat “The Bat” Burrell. Also we’ll let you tally the uh’s and um’s until your hearts content if you’re the keeping score at home type:

Many props for the buzzed head though. It’s a nice look on your Charlie.