Gramps Lou just wants to leave the Cubs a little more beautiful than he found them

We’ve mentioned before that we’re big fans of Lou Piniella. After this weekend, there should be suicide watch for our grandfather figure, it was a rough one for him.

After friday afternoon’s contest, a game which saw the Reds get only 1 hit other than the 6th inning in which they scored all 6 of their runs to win the game 6 to 5, he went into one of his typical tyrade laced rants to the media, but managed to remain somewhat under control (you know, in terms of how Piniella blow-ups usually go).

On saturday, Mr. Piniella’s team rallied around him to win in an impressive fashion 7-0.

Then came sunday. Oh boy. The Cubs played hard but they made Kyle Lohse look like a guy who could be a Cy Young candidate this season. They lost a 1-0 ballgame to the Reds and are just really slow out of the gates.

We’re just looking for excuses to play this video, and we’re hoping for another rough week for the Cubbies so we can see more of what we’ve come to love Piniella for: