'Enter Cliche Here', It's Tribe and Yanks in the Bronx tonight!

Tonight the Cleveland Indians enter Yankee Stadium in the Bronx to begin a 3 game series with the Evil Empire New York Yankees. This game features the two teams who I believe will make it to the ALCS come October. This is a heavily loaded three game series, and it will go a ways to prove who is the premier teams in the American League, especially if the Yankees can win this series early on without their 3 best starting pitchers arguably: Mike Mussina, Chien Ming Wang, and Carl Pavano, all whom are now on the DL.

Cleveland starts Jake Westbrook tonight, fresh off a new contract extension. The Yankees counter with Chase Wright, making his big league debut, plucked right off the Columbus Clippers AAA roster.

Other than Andy Pettite, the Yankees starting rotation can only boast 2 total big league starts by Kei Igawa. This is a golden opportunity for the Indians to come into town and make a statement after winning their first three series to open the 2007 season. This will be no easy task for the young Indians squad that is still trying to find it’s identity. Yankee Stadium is never an easy place to go into and win, and the next three games will be no different. Afterall, the ghosts are playing for the Yankees out there.

My television will be tuned into both this game and the Cincinnati game, but chances are it will stay most fixated on this one. I expect a 15 round heavyweight fight in each of the next three nights. The Yankees will be ready. I don’t think this is just another series to them, they know the Indians are America’s ‘sweetheart sexy pick’ to be the cream of the American league’s crop. There’s nothing more the Yanks would like then to send the Tribe out of town back at .500 (6-6) and for Johnny Damon to fuck Grady Sizemore’s girlfriend. It also features two of the editor’s of Diamond Hoggers favorite teams playing for the first time in the regular season. Should be a real beauty.