Scratch that, there's baseball to be played in Milwaukee!

I was previously looking forward to watching the Cleveland Indians play two ballgames at the Jake tonight, which is something that has not happened the last three days. I can make other plans this evening, because today’s doubleheader was cancelled, again, with no aparent date set for a re-schedule. Major league baseball definitely shit the bed on this one, not allowing the game to finish after being 1 strike away in friday night’s contest. If they had, they’d be only 3 games away from making all 4 of these games up. Now the full 4 games are a wash for both teams, and I can’t remember a situation in which this has happened.

Pictured above is old County Stadium in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. If you don’t know why this picture is up there, well I’m sure you can probably guess or you can read about it here. There is of course a shrivel of irony within this nuggett. If any of you have ever seen the classic, Major League, you should know by now that the stadium in the movie portrayed as the home of the Cleveland Indians in real life was in fact Milwaukee’s County Stadium. The reason for this is some dickhead producer thought that County Stadium would make a better Hollywood portrayal of the Indians real home, Municipal County Stadium; then the real Municipal County Stadium would have. Nice idea with that, dicksnot.

Basically what the cute little article says, is that tomorrow while the Milwaukee Brewers are out of town, the Cleveland Indians and Anaheim Angels will head to Milwaukee’s Miller Park to play a 3 game series. Not only is this a National League Stadium, ladies and gents, but you can anticipate the crowd to be rather small for what is supposed to be a 3 game home series for the Tribe. Only in Cleveland, can you be ripped off by the fact that not only do you not get your real home stadium in Hollywood, but in home openers as well. It could be said that Cleveland’s home opener, tomorrow night, will take place hours away from their real home in Cleveland. I’ll say it again, Only in Cleveland.