Once they were few, now they are many

He did it again. I spend an entire day with my boss and creep to the computer as soon as he’s out the door to see this. Baseball’s new fucking prince hit a 3 run homerun, his 10th of the season, and second walk off homerun of the season today, to complete the Yankees sweep of the poor Cleveland Indians. We’re not a blog that is going to be bias towards one team or another on this blog. This is a baseball blog first and we’ll throw our casual fandom in there from time to time (see below), but we’re here to cover the meat and potatoes of the shit that goes down. It’s no secret, George is a Yankees fan, I’m a Reds fan. That’s the way it will always be. That said, George told me in email form that he’s had a tough day, this outta make his nipples hard enough to cut glass when he comes home.

Lets rewind to last October, the scene is the ALDS Playoffs……………….

……………………..”Fuck you A-Rod, you skunk! You fucking skunk! You’re not a real Yankee! We wouldn’t let you brush your teeth with a toothbrush that the Babe or the Mick had stuck up their ass! Get the fuck outta the bronx, cock mongrel!”………………..

……………….”Hey A-rod, your wife needs fucked in the ass, by my big, sweaty pit-stained ass! You can’t hit shit when it matters! You’re washed up, and you speak worse broken english than Rosie Perez, bitch. I hope Cashman dumps your ass for prospects this offseason–your wastefuck! Fuck you ‘Pay-Rod”………………

Then we come back to this season……..

Yankee fans everywhere are on his cock, which is swollen at the meatus and ready to shoot cum all over any field and every fan in baseball coming off of a Louisville Slugger.

Look, I have no idea what got into the guy. I don’t know what made him start hitting, and I’m not going to pretend I do. He can’t miss right now. He’s tearing the fucking cover off the ball every night. There is no amount of analysis or rhyme or reason for it. The truth is, he never really lost it, I mean when has A-Rod ever failed to be a big time player in the regular season? Never, that’s when. The guy puts up numbers, he’s just doing it a bit quicker than usual and at a feverish, un-human like pace. It’s not steroids. He’s already got AL-MVP locked up. Nice call George.

But you know what, this spaniard is a different animal when game 162 ends. I bet he fucks up in the playoffs again. When he does, no amount of game winning grandslams, walk-offs, or fucking cartwheels over the Green Monster will be enough to save his ass from that same angry mob that’s buffing his balls right now. Just remember your pappy here told you first.