I can't survive 28 more days….

Allan “Bud” Selig knows how I feel

I woke up this monday morning in a foul mood. All I could think about was the fact today I had to go to work, and the weekend left me with nothing overly excitable. Combine that with the fact that when my day is done, there’s nothing to look forward to. There’s no baseball on. No box scores to pick apart for the evening to see how my fantasy team beat yours. When I was putting my shirt and tie on this morning, I thought to myself “aw fuck. 28 more days till Opening Day.” Baseball season is close, and here is just a few things I can’t wait one more day for:
  • Me and my business partner talking about the shenanigans of the Tribe and Yanks and how they fucked up and snatched defeat from the jaws of victory the night before.
  • Grady Sizemore’s march to 200 hits and 30 homeruns, and his first .300 season
  • A fresh tin and the first pitch on television of any game each night
  • The Baseball Tonight crew, namely Carl Ravech and Peter Gammons
  • Beating the world in fantasy baseball
  • The sound of the ball hitting the bat when in actual attendance live at the park
  • Barry Bonds shattering a knee cap and not getting to 755
  • Somehow eeking out my quota this month to get to the Indians home opener
  • Not having to think too much for an idea for this blog
  • Smoking a cohiba as a victory cigar after a big win
  • Who will be the next fantasy league whore?
  • Warm weather