The Impossible Return

I am watching STO right now, and the station does something which entertains me very much. STO each sunday night picks a classic Cleveland Indians game from the past, and airs the game in its entirety. It’s March and I’d rather watch old baseball where I know what happens then anything else that is on anyway. I’m pretty pumped for opening day. This only made things worse.

For those of you that don’t know what “The Impossible Return” is, please click the link.

A couple of things I remember about it:

-I remember like it was last night. I was keeping score in my basement watching the game on ESPN and all of the sudden I got really tired of it, and I threw away my score sheet piece of paper. I watched it all the way till the end when Omar ripped it down the line. I have my score sheet still to this day, crumpled up after the 5th inning or so. I saved the piece of paper knowing what a special game it was.

-I was ironically at Jacobs Field 2 nights before with my friends Justin and Adam, which was August 3rd, 2001. Bartolo Colon and Jamie Moyer hooked up for a classic. The Mariners ended up winning 2-1.

-Watching it on old ESPN Sunday Night Baseball Coverage, is there a better duo than John Miller and Sutcliffe? I know Sutcliffe is a drunk, but I kind of like that about him.

-Jeff Nelson, Mariners Reliever, used to pitch with a Hitler stash

-I am ready for Opening Day.

Where are they now? members of the comeback.