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The Baseball Show: William Tasker (Flagrant Fan)

Last night on The Baseball Show, M.J. Lloyd (Off Base Percentage, Halo Hangout) and I welcomed Baseball Bloggers Alliance chapter president William Tasker on the show.

William is a Yankees fan and writes for IIATMS and Flagrant Fan. You can follow him on twitter, @FlagrantFan.

Some of the topics for discussion included:

-The Baseball Bloggers Alliance (BBA) and William’s role within it.
-The Matt Cain perfect game
-R.A. Dickey
-William’s thoughts on his Yankees
-M.J. asks William the age-old question: ‘Bryce Harper or Mike Trout’?
-We talk about William’s daily picks post at Flagrant Fan

There’s a lot more great stuff, but you’ll need to listen to get it.

William is just like us, passionate baseball fan who enjoys the many intricacies the game offers up on a daily basis. This podcast felt like sitting around talking shop with three friends and was a lot of fun. Thanks again to William for appearing on the show.

The Baseball Show: Rob Miech & The Last Natural (Bryce Harper)

On this edition of The Baseball Show, I have the special privilege of talking with Rob Miech, author of The Last Natural: Bryce Harper’s Big Gamble in Sin City and the Greatest Amateur Season Ever.

Rob and I have an outstanding talk about all things Bryce Harper, and his experiences covering Bryce during his one season at College of Southern Nevada.

Rob did not shy away from talking about how he came to the idea, Bryce Harper’s relationship with his teammates, stories about Bryce that did not make the book, and Bryce’s future in the game of baseball.

This work is going to be a phenomenal read for anyone who is a fan of the game of baseball, and a chance to get a deeper look at the last natural of our generation. You can follow the author Rob Miech on Twitter (@robmiech) or order this book at

A special thanks to Rob for spending time with us tonight in one of the most enjoyable baseball chats I’ve ever been a part of.

The Baseball Show: HardballTalk’s Craig Calcaterra

Tonight on The Baseball Show podcast, we were joined by special guest Craig Calcaterra of NBC Sports’ HardballTalk.

It was a huge thrill for me because I’ve long been a fan of Craig’s baseball writing since his days at Shysterball and The Hardball Times. Now I spend my days waiting for his next take at HardballTalk. If you’re a baseball fan and you haven’t bookmarked HardballTalk yet, don’t tell anyone and do so now. It’s my one-stop shop for all things baseball. When something happens in the baseball world fraternity, I head there first. And it’s been that way for a while.

We talked to Craig about everything from his favorite pro wrestler, to his relationship with Fredi Gonzalez, the life of a baseball blogger, his path from becoming an attorney to writing for NBC sports and many things in between.

Thanks again to Craig for providing with us with a special edition of our podcast. If you are on twitter, we recommend giving him a follow (@craigcalcaterra). Ask him about Batman or something.

The Baseball Show: All Bryce Harper, All the Time

On this edition of The Baseball Show, I’m joined again by co-hosts Mike Rosenbaum of Bleacher Report’s Prospect Pipeline and The Golden Sombrero and M.J. Lloyd (who was live from the French quarter) of Halo Hangout and Off-Base Percentage.

Topics discussed included but were not limited to the following:

-Jered Weaver’s no-hitter, and M.J.’s Nostradamus prediction of it.
-How long will Albert Pujols struggle?
-Bryce Harper’s debut week
-Do prospects like Gordon Beckham, Travis Snider, and Brandon Belt need a change of scenery to succeed?
-Mike & I talk about my first trip to Wrigley Field and him growing up in Chicago
-Unsung heroes for the White Sox and Reds thus far

As always we laugh, we cry, and we cover a lot more. We didn’t really cry, either. Well M.J. did a little bit when Pujols rolled over into another 6-4-3 against the Jays last night but you won’t be able to tell.

The Baseball Show: 2012 Season Preview Show

Last night on The Baseball Show, I was joined by Mike Rosenbaum (Golden Sombrero/Bleacher Report) and M.J. Lloyd (Off Base Percentage/Halo Hangout) for a fun edition of our podcast. It was the last show before the MLB regular season begins, so we spent a large portion of show discussing previewing different aspects of the league.

Topics we discussed:

-Joey Votto’s 10-year, $225 million dollar contract extension.
-Matt Cain’s recent contract extension
-Division standings predictions for every division in baseball
-Awards predictions (NL & AL MVP, NL & AL Cy Young)
-Stats predictions (HR Champ, batting champion, strikeout leader)
-Odds on managers to be fired

It was a great show, and if you weren’t ready for the kick off of the regular season yet you will be after giving us a listen.

The Baseball Show: 2012 Over/Under Edition

Last night on The Baseball Show, I was joined by Mike Rosenbam (Golden Sombrero/Bleacher Report), M.J. Lloyd (Off Base Percentage/Halo Hangout), and Derwood Morris (The Bobby Classifieds) to discuss over and under totals for the upcoming 2012 MLB season.

Your quick hit guidelist for the podcast:

-Aroldis Chapman possibly snagging the Reds 5th rotation spot
-Over/Under win totals for every team, division by division
-Over/Under stat totals for individual players
-Over/Under nonsense
-We prematurely announce the Bobby Abreu to Cleveland trade

So give us a listen and see where we differ on all things over/under for the 2012 season. This season needs to get underway so we can stop over-prognosticating and just see where things sit. I’m dying to know what guys like Jose Bautista and Albert Pujols do this season and to see how teams like the Reds, Blue Jays, Diamondbacks, and Braves perform among others.

The Baseball Show: Chipper Jones is Retiring

Last night on The Baseball Show, Mike Rosenbaum (The Golden Sombrero, Bleacher Report), M.J. Lloyd (Halo Hangout, Off Base Percentage) and I discuss the following show topics:

-Mike’s move to Bleacher Report as a featured writer
-Prospects and players that have been impressive around Spring Training thus far
-Chipper Jones’ retirement announcement
-Would you rather have a player hang around as long as possible, or retire on their own terms?
-Dusty Baker on the hot seat, our reaction
-The Arte Moreno GQ interview
-As always, much more and a preview of next week’s over/under & predictions show

The Baseball Show: Fantasy Draft Primer & Bustin’ Packs

This week on The Baseball Show, we talk about two things near and dear to our hearts: baseball cards, and fantasy baseball.

Mike, MJ and I all open various boxes of cards and then talk fantasy baseball before heading to the war room for our draft. If only I’d pulled something better than the Joey Votto pictured above.

The Baseball Show: Spring Has Arrived

Last night on The Baseball Show co-hosts Mike Rosenbaum of The Golden Sombrero and MJ Lloyd of Off-Base Percentage and I discussed the following:

-With spring training in session, which starts are we impressed by?
-Basic fantasy baseball talk in leading up to our fantasy draft next week
-Bryce Harper talk (which probably should become a weekly, formal segment)
-How does Brett Lawrie compare with Ryan Braun?
-Is Matt Moore a candidate to have arm problems?
-MLB ’12 The Show
-Collecting (MJ opened a box of Bowman Chrome before the show began)
-As always, much more in between.

If you like baseball and you have a few minutes on a Friday or over the weekend and want to hear a couple guys bullshitting late-night about all things on the diamond, you will enjoy the show.

The Baseball Show: Hamilton, Memoribilia, Mickey Mantle Racing Limousines and more!

Business is about to pick up in the sport of baseball, and business picked up last night on The Baseball Show, Mike Rosenbaum of The Golden Sombrero and M.J. Lloyd of Off-Base Percentage and Halo Hangout discussed the following with me:

-The latest chapter in the Josh Hamilton relapse saga
-M.J. tells a Mickey Mantle story about racing a limousine
-We talk memorabilia, baseball cards, collectibles (who remembers Fleer Ultra?)
-PECOTA Projections, top 5 in each league, Gordon Beckham, Drew Stubbs, Jay Bruce, etc.
-Top Prospects List

As we always do, we cover a variety of subjects in between the main melody line. Another great installment of The Baseball Show awaits you.

The Baseball Show: If You Could Have a Beer With ________ Edition

Last night on another thrilling edition in the saga of The Baseball Show, Mike Rosenbaum of The Golden Sombrero and M.J. Lloyd of Halo Hangout and Off Base Percentage and I discuss the following topics:

-The Yu Darvish signing
-M.J.’s ProGUESTus Debut at Baseball Prospectus
-The Pineda for Montero trade
-Fausto Carmona is Roberto Heredia. If you had a faux name, who would you be?
-The best prospect haul for a pitcher this off-season

As always we had some laughs and got a good idea for next week’s show; memorabilia talk and Mickey Mantle stories. If you have some time to listen to this week’s show on a Friday in the office or over the weekend we will hopefully make you laugh or enlighten your day by talking baseball and a lot of other topics.

The Baseball Show Podcast: The Debut of Ask MJ & Other Wayside Stories

Why would an omelet picture highlight a baseball podcast?


Today, on another thrilling edition of The Baseball Show, Mike Rosenbaum of The Golden Sombrero and M.J. Lloyd of Off Base Percentage & Halo Hangout and I discussed the following topics:

-Hall of Fame Voting–Barry Larkin, Jack Morris, Jeff Bagwell, McGwire, etc.
-Thoughts on next year’s potential class and results
-The Reds signing of Ryan Madson
-The Angels extension of Howie Kendrick
-In honor of Dustin Penner’s Pancake Injury, Baseball’s weirdest injuries
-Ask M.J. (Hence the Denver Omelet)

As always, the Baseball Show Posse has a great time and there’s a lot more than just what is listed on the road-map above.

The Baseball Show: Hot Stove Madness

Last night on The Baseball Show, Mike Rosenbaum of The Golden Sombrero and M.J. Lloyd of Off Base Percentage & Halo Hangout and I discussed the following topics:

-M.J.’s thoughts on the Angels off-season
-Discussion of the Atlanta Braves lack of moves
-Where will Prince Fielder end up?
-The Washington Nationals future
-Top Prospect Debuts we’re anticipating
-Mike’s thoughts on the White Sox off-season
-Thoughts on the Mat Latos & Travis Wood trades
-Alex Rodriguez’s new girlfriend & hipster glasses
-Preview of Hall of Fame Voting

We went for nearly two hours so there’s naturally a lot of goodies in between.

The Baseball Show: Introducing Tomahawk Take

Last night on The Baseball Show, Mike Rosenbaum of The Golden Sombrero and M.J. Lloyd of Off Base Percentage discussed the following topics:

-Our involvement with Tomahawk Take on the FanSided Network.

-Thoughts on the Braves shortstop situation, minor league prospects, Jason Heyward, the Jair Jurrjens rumors, and the Braves rotation for next season.

-We offer our thoughts on Derek Lowe’s departure to Cleveland.

-We talk about early hot stove off-season activity: Grady Sizemore, Prince Fielder, Jose Reyes, Hanley Ramirez, Albert Pujols and many more free agents are discussed.

-We talk about the managerial possibilities around baseball: Sandy Alomar, Terry Francona, and Ryne Sandberg.

-We debate about the importance of a manager in the game of baseball today.

-Mike talks about Ozzie Guillen’s departure from the White Sox, along with thoughts on Robin Ventura.

-As always, much more is discussed.