The Baseball Show: William Tasker (Flagrant Fan)

Last night on The Baseball Show, M.J. Lloyd (Off Base Percentage, Halo Hangout) and I welcomed Baseball Bloggers Alliance chapter president William Tasker on the show.

William is a Yankees fan and writes for IIATMS and Flagrant Fan. You can follow him on twitter, @FlagrantFan.

Some of the topics for discussion included:

-The Baseball Bloggers Alliance (BBA) and William’s role within it.
-The Matt Cain perfect game
-R.A. Dickey
-William’s thoughts on his Yankees
-M.J. asks William the age-old question: ‘Bryce Harper or Mike Trout’?
-We talk about William’s daily picks post at Flagrant Fan

There’s a lot more great stuff, but you’ll need to listen to get it.

William is just like us, passionate baseball fan who enjoys the many intricacies the game offers up on a daily basis. This podcast felt like sitting around talking shop with three friends and was a lot of fun. Thanks again to William for appearing on the show.