The Baseball Show: The Toronto “Bat Guy” Arron Barberian


Tonight on The Baseball Show podcast, M.J. Lloyd and I interview Arron Barberian (aka ‘Andy Warhol’), the crazed fan who caught Jason Kipnis’ bat on the Blue Jays’ Opening Night.

Arron is a terrific guy. We had a blast and had no idea what a huge baseball fan he was.

I can’t even begin to bullet point this show for you, because the highlights are from beginning to end. We talk steak, we talk Canada, and of course we talk good old fashioned baseball all the way through.

Arron is the owner of a very renowned Barberians Steakhouse in Toronto. He is involved in a large number of charities in which he donates the restaurant’s proceeds to. Please check out Barberians’ on the web and stop by his restaurant if you’re in the area. If Arron is around he seems like he wouldn’t mind sharing one of his thousand baseball stories with you.

We want to thank Arron for coming on the show tonight, he pretty much signifies everything our show, our website, and our fandhood is about. You will enjoy listening to this podcast if you like our usual material.

And of course there’s this, one more time: