Cincinnati Reds Interested In Corey Seager ‘All Off-Season’ Per Ken Rosenthal

Certainly if the Los Angeles Dodgers don’t plan to trade Corey Seager – they should come out and say it. Right now, teams around baseball are behaving as if Seager is on the trade block.

For instance, Ken Rosenthal says at The Athletic MLB that the Cincinnati Reds ‘have been interested in Seager all off-season’.

However unlikely it is that the Dodgers trade Seager – if he’s not on the block – they need to just come out and say it. Things like this serve as a distraction. Seager is trying to rebound and become the player that he was in 2016 and 2017.

There is a reason organizations don’t allow a coach to be a ‘lame duck’. This is not that much different.

I have my doubts that the Dodgers still believe that Seager is in an elite class. Otherwise, these kind of things wouldn’t be getting whispered. His stock has taken a hit, and the only thing that can change it will be his own play. Hopefully that comes in Los Angeles, because at one point I believed Seager would be the Dodgers’ version of Derek Jeter.

It seems like the Dodgers at a crossroads this winter have taken the wrong path every time. This is another small example that simply shows lack of direction.

Either the guy is your shorstop and not up for grabs, or he isn’t. And right now it feels like the Dodgers don’t know how to feel about Corey Seager.