Every Cody Bellinger Home Run from 2017

I enjoyed so many of these with my dad. Cody Bellinger is after all, my dad’s favorite Dodger. I guess that’s why after my father is long gone; this player will be so special to me. Because during his age-21 season when he won the NL Rookie of the Year, my dad and I enjoyed this guy’s play; he came out of relative obscurity to knock 39 over the fence. And in many big spots, he delivered the breath-taking home run that turned things around for the Dodgers.

And many an evening, my dad and I talked about how Bellinger could be the player who spans across generations. When my son who is one is old enough to enjoy the game, he will be able to sit there with me and watch this same player knock balls out of the park (God willing) just like I did with my dad. And that’s what makes baseball so special. It spans across multiple generations and the players and teams tie us together through the years, especially fathers and sons.