Watch young Darryl Strawberry on the David Letterman Show in the mid-80’s

It’s great what you can find while surfing the web on Thanksgiving night. I miss Darryl Strawberry and the 80’s. It’s harrowing and neat to hear a 26-year old Strawberry – when he was on top of the baseball world and New York – talk to Letterman a little about life.

I got on the Strawberry train in about 1990 when I first discovered the game. But to be a kid who was old enough to know what was going on in the mid-80’s when Darryl was playing every night for those Mets, well what a thing that must have been like.

The best part of this clip is easily when asked if he would ever play for George Steinbrenner. This video also took place in 1988, not 1987 as noted.