DH Video Select: Bo Jackson Scales the Wall

Reasons you know this is just dripping vintage (game was July 11th, 1990):

  1. The Royals blue uniforms. These NEED to make a semi-full-time comeback somehow. They were badass.
  2. The game was played in Baltimore’s Memorial Stadium. I can’t imagine that it was flush with luxury boxes.
  3. The ‘BUSCHHHHHH’ sign in left center. You know there was also a Marlboro sign somewhere out there.
  4. Muscle bound Bo Jackson was still moving like he was in his 27-year old prime.
  5. Stirrups were still in.

Little did anyone know that this would be the last year that Jackson was ever healthy. He would sustain an injury in the playoffs that year that ruined his hip forever.

The catch was a relatively easy one. Bo simply used his insane athleticism to show off at the end and do something no other human on God’s green earth could do at the time to entertain a little bit. And bless him for that. This was awesome.