The Dodgers are going to win the 2017 World Series

We’re ready for the start of the second half of baseball tomorrow night, and this is the first time we’ve ever made a post like this since the inception of this blog some ten years ago.

We recently read an article in the Los Angeles Times talking about how much the 2017 team resembles the 1988 Dodgers.

You know, I don’t know about all that. But clearly where they were headed with it was that the franchise hasn’t won a World Series title since 1988; when Porn Legend John Holmes was still breathing out in Wonderland. I’m prepared to say something right now. I’m ready to guarantee it; barring catastrophic injury.

The 2017 Dodgers are going to be World Champions. It’s something I feel in my core, in my gut, in my baseball spider senses that are often spot on.

I’m no Jimmy the Greek. I’m not a prognosticator. I’m just a baseball fan who analyzes and watches entirely too much of the game and sometimes I get tells. This Dodgers teams will take on and derail all comers in route to their first World Series title since 1988.

It’s gonna happen, in the season that I traveled to Los Angeles. Things are falling into place with Kershaw, Wood, Hill in the rotation. The Dodgers are going to make the perfect move for the pen which is already nails. Guys like Turner, Seager, Bellinger, and a really good bench that has figured it out along with Dave Roberts pushing the right buttons on the right days are going to find a way to get it done.

You heard it here first as we sit at the mid-summer mark: the Dodgers are going to leave everyone else playing for second this season. Let’s see if I’m not right on this.