DH Video Select: The Biggest Home Run in Cleveland Indians History (Rajai Davis)

This was the moment when I thought it was just the Cleveland Indians year. I thought the Indians were coming all the way back to win game seven of the 2016 World Series against Aroldis Chapman in front of their home crowd. Even though it didn’t play out that way, this was undoubtedly the biggest home run in Cleveland Indians history.

Now, since we know how things really played out; it’s simply just the biggest home run in Indians history. This *could have* went down as one of the biggest home runs in the history of the game, hit by little Rajai Davis aka ‘Kitty Paws’.

This was a high-character team that just had the chemistry continue to build until the very bitter ending. Rajai Davis was one of the most key spokes in the wheel. This should be here forever etched in time. It was a huge moment.