Your Saturday Baseball Post


Happy Saturday – a day where everyone who loves baseball as much as we do can relax, decompress, and watch the greatest game on earth from sun up until sun down.

Unless of course you’ve put off landscaping your small plot of garden until June like we have. In that case, your wife will have you to a farmer’s market, a garden center, and to get your oil changed all by noon. That leaves us with less than an hour to set our fantasy lineups, do this essential post, and we’re going to be humping mulch when the games start.

Hopefully you have a different fate on this Saturday, for at some point we will be set free to dilly dally in nine inning somewhere. Until then we wish you well, and we hope you’ll tip your cap somewhere today and find some time to watch a game. That’s what Saturday in the summer is really for.

Thank you for your continued support of Diamond Hoggers.