Your Saturday Baseball Post


For this Saturday it’s the last day in May, and my wife and I are on the New Jersey shore for a wedding (congrats Brett and Kelly!) where the Yankees fandom pretty much dominates things.

(And since I am a baseball weirdo) I think it’s really cool to walk this beach and think about a Saturday much like today back in the 1960’s when Mickey Mantle was going to be in the lineup over at old Yankee Stadium which is just a short hour and change away from here. I think about stuff like that and what I would give to build a time machine to go back in time and be right here in this part of the country on a Saturday when Mickey Mantle was in the lineup; you can bet I would catch that train and go watch him take batting practice even if I was by myself. These are the odd things I daydream about.

As for those of us who choose to live in reality, we’ve got a full slate of games today with the present day Yankees playing at one and some kid debuts for the Cardinals today. It’s going to be a banner Saturday in baseball.

Another May of baseball is in the books after today, then the real meat of the season begins. Enjoy your Saturday everyone!

Thank you for your continued support of Diamond Hoggers.