The Biggest Regular Season Reds Series of my Lifetime

Jay Bruce, Brandon Phillips

It’s only the biggest three game regular season series in my lifetime. That’s all that’s about to kick off this weekend.

The Cincinnati Reds host the Pittsburgh Pirates for a three game series that ends the 2013 season. The winner of the series will host the one-game Wildcard playoff on Tuesday.

The truth is, I’m still not over what happened to end last season. It has been a hangover for me that has endured this entire season. I’m not sure that it will ever go away. The only thing that can take away the pain would be if the Reds limp into the tournament and take a series from someone. I’m not asking that they win it all – there will be plenty of time for my greed later on. I just want them in a series with a chance to redeem themselves for what happened last season.

Francisco Liriano starts the Wildcard game. He is the owner of an 8-1 record with a 1.47 ERA in Pittsburgh this season. On the road, he’s a different pitcher: 8-7 with a 4.33 ERA. Where this game is played could make all the difference in the world. Don’t worry if you can’t remember those stats; they’re sure to be flashed several times leading up to and during the game on Tuesday night.

Just one time in my life Reds; under-promise and over-deliver. Just once. One time in my life I’m asking for my most beloved team to deliver for me. Just this once. I was too young in 1990 to realize what was taking place. I hadn’t felt the pain in my sports life that I’ve felt now. Jimmy Haynes and Brandon Claussen had never stepped foot on the mound at that point. We’ve been through Hell, us Reds fans. We deserve this.

This is all I want, and this is all that matters. One more go ’round, one more opportunity to grab the brass ring. Last call for drinks boys, the bar is closing soon. Where we goin’ for breakfast?