Umpire Dan Bellino can eat a bag of dicks

Screen Shot 2013-08-26 at 9.49.45 PM

Hey shithead, you know that pitch you just rang up Ryan Ludwick on; the one that was a few inches off the plate? That pitch was a lot shittier than the 3-2 pitch to Matt Holliday that loaded the bases for Allen Craig right before the grand slam. You fucked up, and my team footed the bill. And now I will slander your name for as long as I live. That was a horse shit call if I ever saw one, one of the worst I’ve seen in a number of years; and it takes me a lot to complain about balls and strikes.

I see you haven’t been fond of the Cardinals in the past; I guess it’s just tonight that you wanted things to go their way.

This is the same blowhard, ‘let me make myself a spectacle as an umpire’ who ejected Adrian Beltre for talking to Felix Hernandez during an at-bat.

This asshole passed the bar exam and went on to become an umpire…. okay, can’t hate him for that I guess. But it doesn’t mean we have to trust an umpire who is actually a lawyer. On that call DAN BELLINO WAS DEFINITELY A LYING SACK OF SHIT!!!!

By the looks of the vowel that name ends in, I would take it that Bellino is of Italian ancestry. There are a few wiseguys in my city that want a piece of his ass tonight.

Thanks Dan Bellino for taking one from the win column from my team and inserting it in the loss column, you heartless cheating dog. Fucker probably laid money on St. Louis tonight.