The 2013 All Star Game

84th MLB All-Star Game

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I have to be honest: I love the All Star Game, and I love baseball more than just about anything in life; but I wasn’t especially entertained last night. In fact, I think it was a display to the outsider of just how boring three hours of our product can be to the rest of the world.

That said, the arms are absolutely incredible in today’s game. The pitching seemingly gets better every year, and last night’s game was as much of a display of that as anything else. I would still have preferred to see a few more big hits (I see you Prince Fielder with your triple) and a little more action. The game’s lack of exciting moments had be chatting with my friend from work through much of the game.

Last night’s game was really about a legend’s last ride. And it was a special moment that you’ll never forget. Synonymous with the year, the city, the game itself; forever when you think of this game one of the first things you’ll have to think about is Enter Sandman and Rivera trotting out to the mound by himself. Props to Jim Leyland for making sure that the perfect moment went down the way it did – if you’re questioning why he threw the 8th just think about the possibilities that could have led to him not throwing in the game at all if things had fallen apart for the American League.

I didn’t even realize until I read this Deadspin post that Mariano Rivera’s first three hitters he set down in an All Star Game were as follows: Charles Johnson, Mark Grace, Moises Alou. The last three – a one, two, three inning – featured Jean Segura, Allen Craig, and Carlos Gomez. Look at those names for a minute and realize the greatness it takes to just span across the eras. That’s what makes baseball so special.

In a game of fathers and sons, Mariano Rivera has been so dominant that he’s had a chance to dominant a father’s era of hitters and now his son’s stars. It’s truly remarkable.

In an All Star game that featured only one defining moment, that moment belonged to the Most Valuable Player (like he needs a brand new Chevy vehicle).

While unspectacular, another All Star Game in my lifetime is in the books. It’s time to look towards what we know will be an action and drama-filled second half of baseball. And judging by how bored I am on this evening without baseball, we hope it gets here quickly.


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