Here’s a Peter Bourjos Scouting report from 2010

The Angels played 19 innings last night, and Peter Bourjos earned a trip to the disabled list after hurting his hamstring. Sometimes we come across random things in our many walks of life and now is as good of a time as any to show one-show all on this.

Here is a Peter Bourjos scouting report from 2010:

A couple interesting things to note here:

  • At the time, Bourjos’ MLB comp was none other than Coco Crisp.
  • ‘Fleet Pete’ went home to first in 4.11 seconds.
  • Peter ‘leaves it all on the field’ according to this scout.
  • Peter didn’t wear any eyewear at this time.

I could read these all day. We’ll see what else we can dig up in the near future.