Scout: “Albert Pujols’ Legs are Done”


Anytime we can get quotes from anonymous scouts on the blog, we make sure to do it.

Today, they’re talking about the lower-half of Albert Pujols. As much as I love to read random quotes from a scout about any player, you take it with a grain of salt because:

a. Scouts refuse to attach their name to the quote, always

b. A lot of times, scouts don’t know shit. They’ve always got a strong opinion on something that makes for a good story or interesting read, but a lot of the time it’s worthless opinion. For instance, there were plenty of scouts who said Mike Trout would never develop power or that Bryce Harper was a “bad kid”.

Here’s the quote on Pujols courtesy of the NY Daily News Baseball Insider blog:

He’s got bad wheels,” said one American League evaluator who has seen Pujols many times this year, both in spring training and the regular season. “I bet he doesn’t play more than 50 games at first this year.”

The article goes on to talk about Ryan Howard a little bit and how another anonymous scout says that ‘every time he sees Howard run, he thinks that ankle is going to snap again’. Pleasant.

I can just imagine an old piece of bacon grissel scout sitting there, spitting his dip into his coffee cup in the stands saying that. It’s the most scouty quote there ever was.

The Angels better hope that Pujols’ legs hold up, because he’s still on the books for $228 million dollars.