Rank Relief: The Blue Jays are supposed to be good, right?

rank relief3 4.22

Aaron Loup might be looking at the game winning single or glaring at Alexi Casilla. We’ll never know.

The Blue Jays are only 8-12.  On pace for a record of not good.  This one is tough though…I was going back and forth whether or not to file this one under rank relief.  This wasn’t really too much of Aaron Loup’s fault, but he got the loss nonetheless.  Let’s give quick review:

rank relief4 4.22

Loup only gave up one hit.  But he did hit Chris Davis and then John Gibbons made him walk Nolan Reimold.  Loup induced what should have been the inning ending ground ball but Alexi Casilla couldn’t make the throw to first.  The next batter, Nick Markakis, singled in the winning run for a walk off victory.  Games like this are why the Blue Jays are still under .500.  We feel for Loup on this one.