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Now you’re probably wondering why I’m rejoicing about a the unfortunate news that Jose Reyes won’t be going near a baseball field for a while – unless it’s wheeling his chair into the Blue Jays dugout.

We never want to see a player get hurt, but when it comes to fantasy baseball; there will be casualties. If it’s going to happen, you want it to affect the one owner in your league who thinks he’s going to come out on top.

My team is surging, and he gets to pick from the likes of Josh Rutledge, J.J. Hardy (waiver out for him if you want him), Alexei Ramirez or Marco Scutaro. Yea, I would say Reyes helps you more than those guys.

Tough break. Er, sprain. Meh, no matter. You think you’re winning your league with Reyes on the shelf? NO WAY JOSE! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Now, THIS is how you get a leg up on the competition!