In case you missed it, James Loney might be in some trouble

Within the very archives of this blog, you’ll see where I touted James Loney as a future batting title winner. I don’t know if I’m going to end up accurate on that one.

Huge hat tip to my buddy Franco over at Next Level Ballplayer for this one.

Loney, 27, was arrested Nov. 14 after hitting a Toyota, Mercedes and Mini around 6 p.m. According to the report, when officers arrived on the scene of the accident, Loney was handcuffed and taken to a hospital for breathalyzer and blood tests that were negative for drugs and alcohol.

However, during the tests and according to the report, Loney was uncooperative and became “aggressive,” spitting the mouthpiece at an officer. He was placed in arm and leg restraints and given an “injection” by hospital staff to calm him. The Los Angeles City Attorney will decide if Loney is charged in the incident.

Oh boy. My guess is that Loney doesn’t remember any of this. And it paves an exit path for him out of Los Angeles, if the Dodgers want.

And it opens up a perceived need for a big time free agent signing. Prince in Los Angeles? Pujols in Anaheim? Baseball would love it. Do not be shocked people. Loney’s contract was tendered by the Dodgers. Alrighty.

Loney, lay off the sauce my man. We’ve all been there, kind of. You’re a .288 career hitter. Just go to bed next time.