Vin Scully to be immortalized–with a bobblehead

While we’re on the subject of baseball promotions, we should tell you of one of baseball’s best coming in 2012. If you’re going to be in Southern California in Late August, you better make it a priority to get down to Chavez Ravine. You’ll come away with quite a prize.

Hall of Fame Broadcaster Vin Scully will be featured on the club’s final bobblehead night on Aug. 30 when the Dodgers take on Arizona. Entering an unprecedented 63rd season broadcasting the Dodgers, Scully’s 62 years of consecutive service with the Dodgers is the longest of any sports broadcaster with one team. This marks the Hall of Famer’s first Dodger Stadium bobblehead.

We’re big fans of bobbleheads. After all the bright lights, glitter, and fancy hair clip giveaways; bobbleheads remain at the sanctum of baseball’s best freebies. If Vin Scully’s head is going to be on one; it’s worth getting to the stadium or paying a hefty price on eBay for.