Your 2011 World Series Prediction Post

St. Louis Cardinals vs. Texas Rangers

I will admit up front, these are two teams that leave me scrambling to find a reason to care about the Fall Classic. Other than the good old adage that “it’s baseball and I love it, and it’s American for me to be informed and watch” these are not two teams that captivate me all that much.

Along with the rest of America, these Cardinals slipped into the series after sliding past heavyweights like the Phillies and Brewers. It was about as unlikely of a situation as you could have ever asked for. But look at the 2006 Cardinals that won the whole damn thing under Tony LaRussa. They had 83 regular season wins. No one had them rolling through the postseason and into the playoffs either that year. By the time that World Series rolled around, I knew that Albert Pujols was destined to get his ring.

Everyone short-changed the Rangers in a similar fashion. They were the forgotten team in the American League playoffs, with me expecting the Yankees or Rays to be the chick pick that would shake out of that side of the bracket.

There is still one thing in this series that I am happy about; one thing that is sacred and will forever have my adulation as a baseball fan. Josh Hamilton. Our friends at The Golden Sombrero have him as the MVP of the series and they’re picking the Rangers in 7 on the strength of several Hamilton bombs.

I’ll say this, I would love to see Josh Hamilton get his ring. He’s 30 years old, still in his prime and he’s always been a Diamond Hoggers type of ballplayer. For that reason–and the fact that after this grand series we’ll have nothing but the cold, dark offseason until next March–we’re planning to tune in.

Plus let’s not forget that this is possibly the final series of Albert Pujols’ Cardinals career. Although we believe it’s a forgone conclusion that he’s ending his career in St. Louis and have said that all along. And we’ll get Joe Buck and Tim McCarver. McCarver is still of sound mind, yes? If you really want to focus on positives, there’s no more postseason baseball on TBS.

It is baseball. If you’re here we assume that this series is relevant to you in some manner.

Diamond Hoggers’ World Series Prediction: Texas Rangers over St. Louis Cardinals in 7