We’re not supposed to wish the misfortune of others

But I’m sorry, I’m loving this. This is the best news of the day.

Cardinals ace Adam Wainwright has flown back to St. Louis this morning to have his right elbow examined this afternoon after he experienced discomfort in the joint.

General manager John Mozeliak said he believes it is a “significant injury” and the early word is “not encouraging.”

Tommy John surgery is one alternative to repair the damage for which  Wainwright is being checked.

And THIS is why you don’t make your make your little predictions on how things are going to finish until the night before Opening Day folks. How many turds out there had the Reds finishing 3rd in the NL Central and the Cardinals winning the thing? How is that looking now? Bwahahahahahahaha!

The Cardinals are imploding like a corrupt Vegas casino. Here’s a video in honor of Waino’s ‘clipped wing’. Excuse the pun. No wait, don’t.