Citi Field will host the 2013 MLB All Star game

Big news tonight if you’ve been wondering where the 2013 All-Star game will be held–it’s going to be Citi Field. I’ve got a bone to pick with the selection committee.

Where the Hell is the Cincinnati All-Star game? They built the new park in 2003 and there’s nothing but shit in sight for my poor franchise. It’s going to be at least a decade plus out when we finally get our All-Star game. And let’s be honest–they’ll let the Yankees have another one and then the Phillies and then they’ll rebuild old Yankee Stadium so they can have it there again and blow Babe Ruth and the Yankee Clipper one more time and then they’ll probably have it overseas in the Netherlands before they remember that the Reds have a pretty sweet ass park.

And anywhere but Citi Field for shit sakes. It is the Devil! That’s where the Godfather got hurt you know. I’ll forever hate that place.