Wouldn’t it be nice to see Bryce Harper in 2011?

This is a blog who puts a lot of focus on prospects–and probably does a good job of revving up the hype train for a good portion of these guys.

That said let’s lay out a couple of points here:
1) Bryce Harper is the granddaddy of them all. He’s the Sports Illustrated proclaimed ‘Lebron James of baseball’. He is like Aerosmith–the kings of rock. There is none higher. Of all the prospects who have passed through this blog on the archive pages, he’s supposed to end up the greatest of them all. He is as can’t miss as can’t miss can be.

2) Harper seems like a dick. Please don’t wear that bullshit eye black at the MLB level. You’re better than that. If I were a pitcher and I saw that I would definitely throw a fastball near your noggin.

3) Seeing Bryce Harper at the Major League level at age 18 would be more exciting to us than seeing Stephen Strasburg this past season. You mix them both in together in a few years–and you have maybe the most captivating two young stars in baseball.

4) Thank God he moved out from behind the dish to the outfield. See Santana, Carlos.

Even though Harper doesn’t play for the our team; if you like young ballplayers you’ve got to be excited about his arrival. We hope that the date is sometime in spring or summer 2011. We’ll have a lot more to write about on this blog for sure.

Even at age 18, he’s probably a .280/20/70 RBI guy. Any guy who can do that, we don’t care how big of an a-hole that he is. We’re guaranteed to over pay for him in every single keeper league.