Bryce Harper wants to know if you’ve ever felt ‘hitterish’

The more we read about Bryce Harper, the more we can’t help but like him.

Today, he’s talking about feeling ‘hitterish’. Yea, you know. Wake and rake.

“I feel really good up there,” Harper said. “I feel really confident in myself. There’s guys who are going to come after you. I want to hit right now. I’m feeling hitterish. I’m trying to go up there and get some hacks in. I’m not going to be here for a long time. I want to try to go up there and get my hits in.”

Yeah, he really did say “hitterish.” So now we have to add one more word to the Bryce Harper Dictionary, just ahead of “oppo boppo” and “rinky dinks.” And what, exactly, would the definition be?

“You wake up in the morning, and you’re feeling hitterish, you’re going to get a hit that day,” Harper said. “That’s what it is. If you get a hit every day, you’re feeling hitterish, for sure. Wake and rake.”

It’s funny because some people might laugh at his quote or say ‘that’s not even a word’. But if you’ve played baseball for any length of time, there truly are days in which you roll out of bed and just feel a three hits in you. And you can’t be stopped. You were feeling hitterish on those days.

The key, is being hitterish on the days when you feel like a sack full of a-holes. That’s how the best survive.