Someone tell Tony Rasmus that his son is big time now

You see Tony, we don’t doubt that you know baseball. I know there are people who are not paid by some faction of Major League Baseball who know it just as well. But we’re once again talking about this dad of a Major League player trying to meddle in affairs that are handled by guys who have been in the game for years.

Tony your son is at the big time now. This isn’t like showing up and sitting in the high school gym hitting room to make sure your boy gets his pitches to hit.

You think Larry Walker’s daddy ever tried to tell Don Baylor how to handle his sonny?

“I’m curious to see this new hitting style at work. What they’re telling me is Colby most likely won’t hit 10 jacks this year but will be more consistent. I’m told that he will look alot like Jon Jay without all the pre swing motion. More like the Skip Schumaker and Jay stuff to left field. IT will be curious to watch.”

Tony, you really need to watch less. Much less. It will be good for you, and it will be good for your Punch and Judy son. Trust us.

The Cardinal Nation via Hardball Talk.