"Guy's a Douche."

I missed yesterday’s Labor Day showdown between the Rockies and Reds. I was enjoying my last day on the Jersey Shore; playing some golf, visiting the boardwalk, spending time with the Fiance’s family.

I was basically trying to stay as far away from the frustrating Reds as humanly possible. But that’s the problem with doing this for a living and with living to do this. You can’t get away from the shit.

So after the game was over–and yes I did sneak and look at the 10-5 final score on my phone–I got a few text messages from fellow Reds fans who are my buddies.

“I am so frustrated with these fucking guys right now.” — Craig

That’s understandable bro. We let them off the hook in St. Louis. If we didn’t then this division race was over. If Matt Holliday doesn’t hit that home run on Sunday, it’s all over right then. You know it and I know it.

On to the next text.

“Did you see the Redlegs game? I saw they lost 10-5. I figure that numb nuts (he meant Harang) had a hand in that and gave up more then his share.” — Tyler

My buddy was right. He’s long referred to our former “ace” (I’ve always said the guy was a strong #4 on a good team, but that ship has sailed) as ‘Harang the Ass’ because he pitches like an ass. Pretty simple.

The last batch of texts were the daily winners. They came from my friend Bobby. Bobby’s been a fan since the Crosley days. He coaches college soccer. He only texts once every month or so about our Reds, so I was surprised to get one, wait; make that two from him. And they were golden.

“How about fuckin’ Harang man? Son of a bitch couldn’t make Earlham’s rotation.”

I responded back with something to the effect of that I’ve seen enough of Harang and hope that was the last I see of him. I didn’t expect Bobby to respond but to my surprise, he brought a smile to my face with the simplicity of his return text. I hope he was drinking.

“Guy’s a douche.”

With that, I had a feeling that Aaron Harang’s Reds career was probably over. And I never did get to see it.