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A comment on John Fay’s blog about Jay Bruce’s status (by the way, The Fayman has done a great job of being a beat writer lately) sums up perfectly how I feel right now. I know I’m not the only one who feels this way; nor am I losing my mind:

This injury is crazy.

Nothing is wrong!

Wait, he’ll just be out for a few days.

He’ll be back this weekend,

He should be back by the Rockies series,

Maybe halfway through the Rockies series,

He’s taking BP tomorrow,

Wait, I mean he’s hitting off a tee.

He’s taking BP tomorrow.

What’s next?

I feel the same way, Clubber-Lane. People can downplay this all they want but it’s been handled extremely poorly. Moreover, the Reds have looked awfully tame and polite at the plate ever since Bruce went down. When he was in the lineup, they were on the verge of ending this NL Central race.

If you hadn’t heard, the latest on Jay Bruce is basically what we’ve been hearing day after day. After today being declared “Graduation Day” if there was no pain during the swings he took; and the possibility of Bruce playing on Wednesday (as if we didn’t know better), Bruce is now out for the entire Rockies series and the Reds will continue to play with three outfielders. Beyond that, Dusty Baker says he “could” be back by this weekend’s series against the Pirates. Kind of like trainers said he’d be available this past weekend against the Cardinals.

Fuck. This.